Lucy Sparrow - Sew your Soul
Lucy Sparrow - Sew your Soul

Bourdon Street Chemist

Lyndsey Ingram Gallery, London

From: 18th April, 2021 - Until: 7th May, 2021

I am thrilled to present my seventh major installation, the Bourdon Street Chemist. This marks my return to the UK after spending four years exhibiting my faux-reality felt worlds in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Beijing.

My signature meticulous research and attention to detail have gone into transforming the walls of this Mayfair gallery into a fully-stocked chemist made entirely of felt. In this interactive performance-art piece, I will personally don a white coat and assist customers in purchasing hand-painted artwork straight off the felted shelves.

Lucy Sparrow - Sew your Soul

Although all pre-booked slots are currently full, I’m happy to accommodate walk-in visitors; please be aware that there may be a short wait.

For those who prefer a virtual experience, I offer shopping appointments where one of my team members will walk you through the chemist and help you select items. Please note that a minimum purchase of 12 items is required for virtual shopping appointments (items start at £30). If you wish to purchase fewer than 12 items, I warmly invite you to visit the chemist in person.


Exhibition Opportunties

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Lucy Sparrow - Sew your Soul