My Kickstarter campaign to raise £2,000 for a knitted cornershop is now live. Please watch the video and pledge for amazing prizes. Please share and spread the word!

To pledge, click here:

In 2014 I, Lucy Sparrow, will be restocking an abandoned Cornershop in London with felt products. Each item- from the bean cans, to the cigarette packets, the chewing gum and the porn mags- will be made entirely out of felt: each item meticulously hand sewn, stuffed and priced by yours-truly. During the month-long installation The Cornershop will be visited by both local passers-by and art audiences, once inside the shop they can not only view the products, but can handle, and even buy them. They will also be able to watch live-sewing events, participate in workshops and can even be drawn into improvised performance works that make them reflect on our taken-for granted shopping behaviours. The installation will be accompanied by a series of making workshops. In addition to drop-in workshops for one and all, I will also offer more specialist workshops for the local community and the neurologically diverse communities. These workshops will mobilise power of crafting practices to engage individuals and connect communities. I need your help. I have applied for money from the Arts Council, but I need to match fund this. The money I raise here will go towards paying to rent the premises, and buying materials to stock the shop and fund the workshops. As I make the work I will document it all in a diary on my blog, I want to keep you all updated every step of the way with photos and progress videos. A live ‘felt cam’ will stream all the events, meaning even if you can’t be in the cornershop you can see what is going on. Join me on this amazing journey and watch The Cornershop grow before your very eyes. Every person who pledges support money will get a VIP invite to The Cornershop and their names on the list of contributors in the exhibition catalogue.