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Eli Lilly Prozac Box


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The classic Prozac box immortalised in felt.

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Lucy Sparrow is a British contemporary artist known for her unique and imaginative creations that often blur the lines between art, craft, and commerce. Born in 1986 in London, Sparrow gained recognition for her playful and unconventional approach to art, using various mediums like felt and fabric to create colourful and tactile installations. One of her most well-known projects is "The Cornershop," where she meticulously handcrafted thousands of everyday items, from canned goods to magazines, entirely out of felt. This interactive art installation transformed an entire storefront in London into a charming, felt-filled corner shop, inviting visitors to explore and engage with the pieces. Lucy Sparrow's work often explores themes of consumerism, nostalgia, and the value of everyday objects in our lives, challenging viewers to reconsider their relationships with the items that surround them.

' Sparrow's distinctive approach to art has garnered international attention and acclaim, and her work has been exhibited in various galleries and museums around the world. Her pieces often elicit a sense of whimsy and wonder, as they invite viewers to touch and interact with her art in a way that is not typically allowed in traditional art settings. Lucy Sparrow's ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary through her meticulous craftsmanship and imaginative concepts has made her a unique and celebrated figure in the contemporary art scene, inspiring many with her unconventional creative vision.

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Handmade Lucy Sparrow artwork painted.

80% Felt

10% Acrylic Paint

10% Blood, Sweat and Tears-'