‘Rush Hour’ Tube Train (2017) (Private Listing)


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A rare opportunity to own ‘Rush Hour’, one of an original run of 500 items based on a London Underground tube train running on the Metropolitan/Piccadilly Line.

Originally produced in 2017, the “Uxbridge” train is presented with an urban backdrop in a clear Perspex case measuring 560 x 175 x 160 (LxDxH).

The provenance of these particular items originates from Lucy’s personal collection and thus enjoy serial numbers 1/500, 2/500, 3/500, 6/500 and 10/500. Each piece is signed to the rear by Lucy and includes a hanging bracket.

Regrettably some slight scratching is present on the outer Perspex casings, mostly on the undersides and tops, which whilst it doesn’t affect the overall enjoyability of the piece is noticeable under close inspection. The pricing of these pieces has been made with this in mind however re-casing of any piece is available at cost for the benefit of the collector.