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Tampa Fresh Foods Embroidered Patch



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Official Merchandise from Tampa Fresh Foods for emblazoning bags, denim jackets, leather jackets, just about anything you can to show your love of the softer side of life! Generally these patches are around 5/6cm wide except for the Lucy's patch which is slightly larger! :)


Felt artist Lucy Sparrow is one of the most exciting and original artists working in the UK today. Her practice is quirky yet subversive, luring the audience in with her soft, tactile, colourful felt creations. She took the art world by storm in Summer 2014 with the opening of her fully stocked felt Corner shop installation in London’s East End. With queues around the block and wall-to-wall media coverage, the installation was both a commercial and critical success.

Lucy since then has opened a Convenience Store and is shown in galleries from London to Los Angeles with no sign of slowing down.

Art Work Care

Washable on clothes