Six weeks until The Cornershop Opens

A relatively short update from me in terms of text mainly because I seem to have lost the ability to do anything apart from sew these last few months. Stringing sentences together has become a bit taxing.

Well, with six weeks to go, sometimes it feels like that’s loads of time and then it occurs to me that it’s frighteningly soon. Amazingly, I’m right on track with everything and the list is looking really good. I’ve forgotten half the stuff I made back in March and it seems like a lifetime ago. I feel like this is the last big push of making and then the rest is a mad PR campaign, lots of emails and invitations and printing.

I’m really sorry to everyone who has messaged me in the past couple of months and I haven’t replied. I’m honestly getting round to it but yeah, as I said, I’ve pretty much not left the house for a good few months now. I think I’ll really miss this intense time when it’s over and my day isn’t planned hour by hour and I don’t have an excuse to watch back to back episodes of Dateline.

So without further ado and rambling, here’s what you’re all here for and what wouldn’t be happening without any of you guys.

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