Boy, have we got some treats in store for you this Summer. I’m pleased to report that Hannah’s at Seale Hayne commissioned me to make some giant spray cans for their Urban Takeover season at their gallery. They’ll be showing work from Banksy, Blek Le Rat, Pure Evil, D’Face as well as being joined by myself, Oh Jiwon and Wei.

The exhibition opens on the 15th with a big event with live music and activities on the 21st June so get yourselves down there and enjoy the sunshine and art. It’s going to be a really great show.

All details are on the website

UrbanTakeoversmall DSC_1520 DSC_1521 DSC_1522 DSC_1523 DSC_1524 DSC_1525 DSC_1526 DSC_1527 DSC_1528 DSC_1529 DSC_1530 DSC_1531 DSC_1532 DSC_1533 DSC_1534