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Ministructures: we meet a man working on the Tate Modern extension

As part of our Ministructures series, artist Lucy Sparrow has made felt versions of London’s landmarks. For each iconic building she stitches, we meet a Londoner connected with it. This week, we talk to James Pockson, 24, an architectural assistant working on the Tate Modern extension. Hi James! What do you think makes Tate Modern so great? ‘Visually it’s […]

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Ministructures: we meet the Gherkin guru

Artist Lucy Sparrow has made mini versions of London’s iconic buildings out of felt for our Ministructures series. For each landmark she sews, we hunt down a Londoner connected with it. This week, we meet Tee Dobinson, 52, writer of ‘The Gherkin Guide’, motivational speaker and businesswoman extraordinaire. Hi Tee! What do you do here? ‘When tenants have guests […]

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Ministructures: We meet the BT Tower’s Brand Innovation Lead

In the coming weeks, artist Lucy Sparrow will be making cuddly mini versions of London’s iconic buildings out of felt. And as part of our new Ministructures series, we’ll be interviewing Londoners with a connection to the big buildings of the capital. This week, we chat to Jared Ruddy, 28, Brand Innovation Lead at BT and introduce him […]

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Cold Angel Brad-7

Cold Angel Short Film Documentary

Last year, myself and three others embarked on a project of epic knitted proportions to create a scarf that would fit the Angel of the North sculpture in Gateshead. Six months on, Harriet Hawkins and Bradley L Garrett of geographical art expertise put the footage together to produce this film. As with all great plans, […]

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